Financial Accountability

With Transparency as one of our foundational values, we believe that its greatest expression can often be found in the area of finances. It is our desire to be continually striving forward in the area of financial accountability and transparency.

For this reason, GCPWA will employ the services of an outside, independent auditor to ensure the highest levels of financial integrity and fiscal responsibility possible.



Every dollar generated by the organization will be allocated to three main areas that we believe are vital to the growth and continuing mission of GCPWA. The allocations are as follows:

GCPWA Resource Allocation

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.48.02 AM.png

Program Expenses:
65% spent on the programs and services we provide.

Administrative Expenses:
20% spent on management and general overhead costs.

Fundraising Expenses:
15% spent on fundraising efforts.