Our Beginnings

Our organization’s founder, Grace M.A. Stephens, had been involved with numerous professional national and international organizations for most of her career. She appreciated that they helped with growing her skills as a professional and aided her in gleaning best practices, but they didn’t complete her holistically because her Christian faith was inextricable from her professional life and she continuously hoped for the two to be intertwined and more closely integrated. She sought women from a diverse spectrum who felt the same way.  

A quest was underway to birth an organization that would marry these two crucial elements together. Believing in the unified power of a vibrant Christian faith and a dedication to excellence in the professional workplace, the inspiration for what would become the Global Christian Professional Women’s Association was sparked by God. The idea was shared of a place where like-minded women can get together and learn, network, and fellowship with each other, and the feedback was instant and affirmative.