I need knowledge

Many women are thrust into professional positions and can sometimes feel overwhelmed or intimidated by what they perceive as a lack of knowledge. We understand how daunting that can be. We are committed to helping our members navigate the professional waters through a series of professional education initiatives.

Career advice — Through the networking of our extensive membership base, the chances are someone has already been where you are. We do our best to connect you with others who can provide you with advice you need on your particular hurdle.

Seminars — We host live members-only seminars (regionally and nationally) where best practices and sound advice is freely shared and the exchange of information is robust and useful.

Professional Speakers — When we say “professional” speakers, we don’t mean the kind who are paid huge honorariums to motivate the masses; we are referring to real, working professionals who have a degree of specialization in their respective fields who will address topical issues to help us all grow.

Online Classes — We know that everyone can’t take the day off to attend a live seminar, and not everyone can get on a plane to attend a national event. That’s why we are developing a series of online classes that will help train and equip our members in the privacy and convenience of their own homes.

Industry-Specific Topics — Sometimes lawyers need to hear from other lawyers. Managers need to hear from other managers. Entrepreneurs need to hear from other entrepreneurs. From time to time, we will conduct industry-specific seminars that will dig deep into the issues of a particular profession.