Benefits of Membership

Membership identifies us with a cause.  People instinctively want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. This is what gives rise to political parties, local churches, country clubs, and, yes, even street gangs. We all want to belong to something. Membership in a cause-driven organization is hard-wired into us and it’s catalytic to our growth and development.

Membership creates community. In the business world, it’s difficult to be a lone ranger. The complexity of today’s business environment demands collaboration more than ever before. And the Christian life is no different. We were designed by God as communal creatures. It resonates within us at the deepest levels. 

Membership creates a point of identification. When we identify ourselves with a cause, it not only gives us credibility in those circles but also lends credibility to the larger organization. The sum is truly greater than its parts. 

Membership can sharpen your professional skills and enrich your career. Because of your proximity to others who share your personal and professional interests and passions, you can build your professional reputation while you continue to pursue your personal interests. 

Membership can save you money. With your access to hundreds of resources that can cut down your learning curve significantly, you can focus your time on more important matters. Members receive significant discounts on the leading resources in the industry as well as admission to our events.