Starting a Local Chapter

The distinctive strength of GCPWA is our members’ eagerness to create authentic communities that are thriving in their vitality and create an atmosphere that is conducive to both the professional and spiritual sides of their lives. GCPWA encourages and welcomes the formation of local communities of GCPWA members that serve as a means to advance its mission, increase membership, and prepare women to make a difference at the local, national, and international level. 

Establishing a GCPWA chapter is a serious responsibility. The strength of the organization as a whole depends on each chapter creating and sustaining an active, growing presence in its respective community. The programs we institute, and the activities and services to our members at the local level are critical to the growth of the organization nationally. Because we do not take it lightly, we ask every interested candidate to begin the process with a season of prayer. God’s guidance and discernment are foundational components in anyone’s desires to begin a GCPWA chapter. 

To initiate a chapter you must be a current GCPWA member and the following steps must be taken.

  • An interested group of three members contacts the GCPWA national office to convey interest in establishing a new chapter. At that time, GCPWA will provide requirements for local chapter establishment and mandates for continuance. 
  • With written approval from GCPWA, the group establishes a social media presence and organizes in-person events to gather interest from their community. The national office will send membership brochures and a variety of other materials to encourage membership.
  • A petition will be provided by the national office and must be signed by a minimum of 12 current GCPWA members in the local area to start a new chapter.
  • The interested group returns the completed petition, signed by the minimum 12 GCPWA members. Signers must provide valid GCPWA ID numbers — prospective members need to create an account and join GCPWA.
  • The potential chapter organizes its board and informs GCPWA headquarters of the names of officers.
  • Once all requirements are met, the group is granted provisional chapter status. The national office sends sample bylaws for the provisional chapter to use as reference in drawing up its own bylaws. The national office also sends proof of GCPWA’s 501(c)(3) status and two copies of the chapter affiliation agreement to be signed. One copy must be kept by the chapter, the other returned to the national office. 
  • The chapter files for incorporation and tax exempt status within its state.
  • The national office reviews and approves the provisional chapter's bylaws.
  • The provisional chapter organizes events and recruitment activities. The national office sends materials and publications for distribution and display.
  • The national office assists in identifying current members who may be more appropriately affiliated with the new chapter.
  • Upon notification of the chapter's federal employer identification number, the national office will send a member of the executive committee and administration to the Chapter induction ceremony that will be held by chapter members to recognize its official status as an GCPWA local chapter. 

This process has the potential to take 3-5 months and requires significant time and energy from the group’s leadership team. But when complete, it has the potential to affect your community in meaningful ways. If you have further questions, please contact us.