Work with Us

For some, the Global Christian Professional Women’s Association is simply another helpful tool in their professional and spiritual journey. But for others, it’s a calling. They see themselves being a part of what we are doing at a much deeper level. For this reason, there are many possibilities for those who are interested in pursuing a career with the GCPWA and who want to experience it at a deeper level. In addition, we offer valuable internships as well as a variety of volunteer opportunities. 

Please contact us to learn of current opportunities. We will also post them on this page as they become available in the future.


Our Diversity Statement

Because we serve the God who created diversity in every aspect of His creation, we believe strongly that women who are a vital part of GCPWA will be diverse in ethnicity, race, and economic background.

The term “Christians” was first coined in Antioch, a place of immense cultural diversity, as well as the location where for the first time Jewish and Gentile Christians worshipped God on equal footing. (Acts 11:19-26). Even the names and identities of the church leaders and teachers of that city revealed a wide swath of cultural diversity, including Jews, Africans, and Europeans. (Acts 13:1-2). 

Since we see diversity in creation as well as in the genesis of the church, we believe that it is God’s desire for mankind and should duly be demonstrated in all of our relationships, both personal and professional.

Maximizing the diversity of the women comprising this organization is vital to ensure that we can benefit from the talent and energy that their collective and individual experiences brings to the whole. It will also increase the likelihood and opportunity for engagement in the spheres of influence in our increasingly diverse society. 

Additionally, we seek a diverse pool of women in GCPWA because we desire to serve as a model of fairness and equal opportunity.