How Blessed We Are to be a Blessing to Others


Since answering God’s call to launch the Global Christian Professional Women’s Association (GCPWA), I have met many amazing women of faith who are making a deep impact in companies and organizations across the world. These women have been blessed with intellect, talent and positions of influence, and are significant contributors to our world’s growing and innovation-driven economy. But what shines brighter than their talents and their accomplishments, is their understanding of the principle that they must always be willing to give more than they receive. 

The bible says in Deuteronomy 16:17, “Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God which He has given you.” As we celebrate the season of Thanksgiving, this scripture begs us to not only reflect on the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us, but to also consider how can we as professional Christian women can use all that God has given us to be a blessing to others.

Many of us work alongside men and women who are hurting and in need, and as Christians, we have a unique opportunity to use our positions to demonstrate God’s grace. Something as simple as establishing an emergency fund for employees that can be distributed to individuals that express a need allows us to be an example of God’s love and create a workplace environment that is aligned with our practice of faith.

We can also demonstrate God’s grace by mobilizing our coworkers to be a blessing to those in the communities around us. Collectively choosing a Go Fund Me cause to support, purchasing food for families in need, volunteering at a shelter or food bank or donating to a toy or clothing drive are all ways that we can express our love for God through our giving.

A cause that is especially near and dear to my heart is the care of orphans and widows. It’s important during this season, and year round, that they are reminded that they are not forgotten. By visiting with them, inviting them into our homes, sharing a meal with them and praying for them, we can be living examples of God’s love and compassion and help raise their spirits.

Each day, we are called to ask the Lord to show us who we can bless with the gift of a smile, hug, resources and God’s uplifting word. How will we answer that call today and throughout the year?

It is my prayer that we will give of ourselves to others whenever the Lord places the opportunity in front of us to do so. It is my prayer that our propensity for giving will become second-nature, that we will cast out all feelings of selfishness and that we will become true givers, expecting nothing in return.

And I am grateful this Thanksgiving season to know that God answers prayers!

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving from the entire team at GCPWA. 

Your Sister in Christ,

Grace Stephens