We get the same question every time - why is there a need for the Global Christian Professional Women’s Association (GCPWA) to exist? Why, out of so many existing organizations, does this particular one stand out? Admittedly, we were dubious at first - thinking that we might as well join the other women’s networks and programs that were readily available - Christian Women Business Owners, Christian Professional Women, National Association of Professional Women, and the Exceptional Women Fellowship and Networking were fine examples for a start.

But at the core, we find reason for being. And in today’s post, we want to share a few reasons why GCPWA is the right organization for professional women of faith - and why our ranks are growing at an ever increasing volume.

More than just a business network

The Global Christian Professional Women’s Association (GCPWA) came together as a means to provide a support network for women in key aspects of their lives – from professional life, to personal life, and more importantly, their spiritual life with Christ.

Amongst many networks out there whom are truly unique in their own ways, GCPWA is exceptional. 

Our first-of-its-kind global community was established with one goal in mind: to empower and support professional women of faith. The association serves to foster a sense of community, where professional Christian women can find support from their peers, be it through educational webinars, personalized learning, prayer and bible study, or fellowship.

We understand that at every phase of a Christian woman’s life, there are various points of achievement and struggle. GCPWA is just that - a collection and fabric of wives and professionals, moms and daughters who are there to celebrate fellow members’ success and face the challenges hand in hand.

We want to be the influence inspired by Christ, to bring our influence to our members; and inspire them to be better in the workplace, businesses owned and in their general environments.

We hold really awesome events

There are increasingly greater growth opportunities for women today to assume even higher positions in the workplace, in business, and, even in the faith community. This means that professional women need more relevant support and ‘real’ advice now more than ever.

This is where GCPWA really stands out. Through active events and conferences like our annual conferences - we find means and ways for our members to be connected to great messages from inspiring speakers - and boost their confidence in the face of this newfound opportunity.

In fact, for this conference, we’ve invited key influencers from corporations, emerging and established independent companies, universities, government, and entertainment industries - who’ve also dedicated their lives to serving the Kingdom of God - to help our members get the best out of their work lives - and spiritually of Christ.

We enjoy serving

We are servants of the Lord. We exist to serve to one another and all in need that cross our paths. For we not only use our gifts and talents as an opportunity to advance and promote ourselves but through love in serving one another. Our local agenda is based on James 1:27: to look after orphans and widows in their distress. We believe that this focus remains consistent with the kind of serving organization we strive to be. We believe it is important that they are reminded that they are not forgotten. By visiting with them, inviting them into our homes, sharing a meal with them and praying for them, and providing them with available resources, we aim to be living examples of God’s love and compassion and help raise their spirits.

Warm, inviting and unassuming

One might find other professional women networks to focus on empowerment, business, and seriously business-y stuff; but visitors that come to GCPWA might find that we go a little further than that. In our essence, we believe that every one of our members should feel relatable, and they must feel understood. Regardless of age, race, level of professionalism, or spiritual development, we accept all upstanding professional women of faith. We consistently hold feedback sessions with our members to be able to provide the best level of service and enriching experiences that they deserve.

In conclusion - there are many reasons why there is a need for an association like GCPWA - but we believe that we are here to make an impact on every Christian Professional woman’s life - so that she can in turn impact her surrounding environment and the world.