I watched the “Unplugged” video where Vickie Rock’s testimonies really helped me to feel that I wasn’t alone in my quest for a more Godly life and a strong professional career. The GCPWA helped me center on what really matters- a Godly life- and facilitated me towards a more peaceful person which was instrumental towards leading a fulfilled life.

Terry L.

Work has been a lot of pressure and I have been trying to balance family, work, and my faith walk. The women at GCPWA are true professionals who really care. I reached out to them and they guided my life towards a more professionally balanced life with God at the center. It really helps to talk to someone at GCPWA who really understands my concerns as a professional who is also a follower of Christ.  Their prayer was inspirational and helped me to calm myself in the midst of a hectic life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart GCPWA.

Angela K.

My husband has been very ill and I have really struggled over the past year. GCPWA has helped me in so many dimensions of my character and who I am. They have provided help and spiritual support for me during a difficult time. My husband has been unable to walk and get beyond some physical infirmities and the women of GCPWA were great prayer warriors for me when I was exhausted from taking care of my husband. I am so fortunate to have these ladies in my life. They prayed for my husband and he was rejuvenated. He slept the best he has ever slept after our prayer meeting. He feels renewed and with hope for his healing and joy. I don’t have much time to get out and yet I was able to reach out to them and they were there for me. I really appreciate their help, prayers, support, encouragement, and devotion to me. I don’t know how I would have had strength without them.

Gayle H.

Getting grounded with another professional that has been through the same things that I’ve been through and being able to bring Christ into the conversation and the groundwork with it, could perhaps have a work situation go a whole different way – a better way.

Vickie Rock
CEO and President, Victoria Legal + Corporate Services