National Agenda

On a national level, we have three main agendas that we are currently supporting:

Faith at Work
We wish to help and foster healthy environments in the workplace where elements of our faith can become helpful catalysts in creating a better and more nourishing workplace environment. 

Faith in Schools
Similar to our Faith at Work agenda, we desire to bring faith back into the schools in a way that is constructive, that does not go against political or governmental mandates, and that allows for tolerance for students to be able to live their academic lives in ways that are spiritually fulfilling.

Financial Empowerment
At GCPWA, we are committed to providing our members with the tools, knowledge and resources they need to prepare for their financial success. Women today are faced with unique money challenges: Their average life expectancy is longer than that of men; they earn less, on average, than men; and they tend to spend less time in the workforce due to personal obligations (childcare, family emergencies, eldercare, etc.,). These three facts alone make proper planning for their financial future paramount.

With the prospect that women could outlive their financial resources, we offer Financial Empowerment as a third and equally important national agenda for GCPWA.

The Financial Empowerment Initiative is based on the premise that our members will benefit from a combination of education, coaching and support. We believe that this three-tiered approach will form a solid financial foundation. This strategy will help increase confidence, build financial stability and lead to long-term financial wellness.
Our financial education model provides general information on budgeting, credit, saving, investing and retirement planning, as well as other key components inherent to strengthening one’s financial profile.

Building financial capability is a process. With proper education, coaching and support, participants will be well equipped to make their own path to financial independence.